Parent Reviews

Stephanie M.

My son has attended A Family Tree since we moved to Warwick almost 5 years ago. He started in pre-k and is now in 4th grade, attending after school and full days in the summer. They are amazing! All of the teachers are amazing with all of the children, beyond caring & they really love what they do!! They get to know each child and make sure they are so well taken care of! They do different activities with the children during the week, in the summer they off field trips for each age group and have other fun extras such as an ice cream truck go to the site! If you are looking for child care, A Family Tree is like having a family member watch your child. I would absolutely recommend!!


I have been with A Family Tree for almost a year! I haven’t experienced one negative thing since. Every staff truly cares about not only the well-being of the children but also making sure each child feels safe and welcome! I have 3 that attend one at WA and two at after school and they beg to go during DL days because it is a great environment! All the staff is always excited to help the children grow. With that being said I would definitely recommend being part of the Family Tree family. ❤️

Brenna Rafferty

My oldest son, now 17, went to one of the very first locations when they opened and now my youngest goes to Edythe Street for before and after school care - but also started when he was 2 years old. Each and every teacher/ staff member is friendly and always super helpful (Special shout out to Miss Erica that has gotten me out of every crisis I have been in with childcare!) and truly become member s of the family! We did DL full time with FT for the first 2 trimesters of kindergarten, which was a lifesaver! I would absolutely recommend Family Tree for infants up through grade school. What a wonderful experience we have had over the last 10+ years!

Kate Dyl

I can't say enough good things about family tree! These guys put the "family" in family tree. They make you feel like a part of their very own. My oldest has been going here for 2 years and my newborn now attends daycare here too. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my precious babes. They are dedicated to our children's health and well being and go above and beyond every day! My kids love them and We love Family Tree😊❤ -K. D.

Brianna Simas

My daughter started when this location first opened. Not only were they understanding with me of how nervous I was sending her to daycare they were so good with when I called to check in on her. I see her learn more each day she goes and she’s always so excited to tell me about her days at school!! I can’t pick a favorite because I love each staff I’ve come in counter with here! But Skylah always talks about miss Amanda! She was one of Skylahs first teachers and is now her preschool teacher!! I highly recommend family tree and never feel worried because I know my daughter is in caring hands!! Thank you all❤️

Nicole T

My daughter has been going to The Family Tree for almost a year now. I have nothing but great things to say about this daycare. The teachers/staff go above and beyond for the children and their families. The accommodations they have made for my daughter is unheard of. They truly care about each and every child they care for. I highly recommend this daycare to anyone looking for their little one!

Greisy T

My daughter Lyla and son Liam both go to family tree on Warwick ave and they absolutely love it. The whole staff is super friendly! My daughter always says how mrs. Charlene is her favorite teacher, my son loves ms.maritza she’s very loving and nice. I seen how much both of my kids have learn in the past year since they started.

Katrina Nerney

I love family tree. My son has been there since he was 10 months old he is now 3. I have loved it since he started. Staff are on top of things that you ask,things you need, as well as questions you have. They also have life cubby so I can check on my son to see how his day is going.

Brian Maccarthy

My child has been a member of family tree since she was about 1 and half to 2. You hear all of theses horrified stories about child care workers abusing their kids and kids being lost and roaming the streets and then putting your daughter into child care is such a scary thing but not once have they ever made us feel as if she was at threat. Family tree has made me as a parent feel as though my child was just as safe as at home and I couldn’t even thank them enough for what they do. From updates on apps to letting us know if something’s wrong to having a meeting for concerns they have with her. I only would recommend them for your child’s safety and development. They actually care and show it as much as possible

Tammy H

Amazing school age program with amazing dedicated staff that truly go the extra mile for the children. My daughter has been attending this program since Kindergarten and is now going into 5th grade. The staff and management are truly dedicated to making their facility top notch. In fact, Family Tree is the only program in the state to be awarded a 5 star (highest) rating from the RI Bright Stars rating system which ranks daycare programs on performance and quality of care. The facility is clean, incredibly well managed, activities well structued to specific age groups, offers a great stimulating environment that makes me feel confident my child is cared for when I cannot be there for her. I would reoccend this program to anyone searching for quality as well as affordable school age care for their children.

Sara Mills

My son has been going to family tree since he was little. When he hit school age, the staff at family tree made the transition a breeze. The events, and special activities that family tree has are beyond amazing. Recently, they had a beautiful art show so families could celebrate their Childrens art, a Halloween party for the kids and their families as well as a beautiful thanksgiving dinner for everyone. They are extremely engaged and genuinely care about my son as well as the other kids. If you're looking for a place to take your children, this is definitely the number 1 choice!!

Alexis “Lexi” McGuire

I love this daycare, my daughter has been going here since she was 7 months old and she is now 3yrs old. All the teachers here are great and very helpful. My daughter has learned so much in the time she has been here and love seeing all the activities they do during the day on the LifeCubby app.

Krystal Brooks

Family tree is a BEST Childcare and Summer camp! the owners Ms Erica and Ms Christian go out of there way for the family's and truly are dedicated to there families. The staff are wonderful. The student's are also wonderful and enjoy every moment there spend at family tree. My Son has been there for over 7 years he just turned 13. My daughter was one of family trees first babies @ 18mnths! She will be 6 November 30th. I always suggest family tree to everyone and everyone that I have suggested loves the center! Family Tree is truly one BIG FAMILY! My kids never want leave & always have a Smile.

kelsie fines

Family tree is an awesome environment. My daughter loves going and learning new things everyday.

James McDermott

We love Family Tree, our children have been going here for over a year now and my son was prepped for Kindergarten in a spectacular way! The use of Life Cubby is so easy for us to check in on our little one and see how her day is going. A huge thanks to all the teacher and staff that help us on a daily basis and care for our children like they were their own <3

Cassandra Thomson

My daughter loves it here, she goes to the before and after program as well as the summer camp. Transportation to and from school is provided along with piece of mind. In the summer she is so excited to go and hang out with all of her friends.

Cathy Arruda

My son Evan has been going here since he was 8 months old and he is now 15 months old and loves going to daycare everyday. The staff is very friendly and caring so I know my son is in good hands when I'm not with him.

Liz Ramirez

After my son was born I was very hesitant like most 1st time parents when choosing a day care but in my 1st walk through the staff was very welcoming and nice. A year later the staff is still friendly and they communicate on a daily basis. I love that infant program is so involved and active with the little ones. My son has learned a great deal. I can openly communicate all concerns with the staff and be taken serious. I highly recommend this day care.

BigDaddyWraggle House

My wife and I have been bringing our foster kids to this location since we've started fostering, and I have to say that they definitely give my kids that special attention that some of their delicate situations deserve. Miss Roseanna and Miss Maria have got to be, hands down, some of the best teachers I've seen. They are both caring and attentive, even when the room seems like its in chaos, they have everything under control. Family Tree staff are very friendly and engaging. They always have a smile when I come to the door and they're always willing to help me to my car getting the kids buckled in. I would highly recommend this daycare company for everyone's childcare needs!



Monique Carpenter

My son has been attending Family Tree since he was just about a year old. Erica and her staff are wonderful. He has adjusted and thrived and they have always been so warm and inviting. Every week we receive an update on his progress and what work he has done. My house and office are covered in all the wonderful art work they do with him. He never has a dull moment and they truly make you feel like a member of their family. I would recommend Family Tree to anyone and everyone who is looking for affordable, excellent and reliable care for their child.

Haley Spisto

Amazing Place for my toddler son. He loved walking into his room and seeing all his friends. 5 stars everday

Leah Smith

Family tree is the best place to work and to send your children! My children have never been more loved!! Thank you family tree!

Stephanie Baldassi

I highly recommend Family Tree. Miss Erica, Miss Chris and the staff are all extremely professional. I have a 12, 9, and 3 year old. I started sending my kids to Family Tree for childcare when my second child was 2. Immediately, I saw a difference. You don’t feel like your child is a dollar sign. I always feel that the everyone who works there truly cares about the children. They have a great response time. Whenever you reach out with a question or feedback, you receive a very timely response. They have been great during the pandemic.

Sheena Howe

We love family tree ! My daughter has been there for 6.5 years and learned so very much from the staff there !

Angela mullen

A Family Tree truly goes above and beyond, not only with their curriculum but with social and emotional needs. To say I’m impressed with how quickly and efficiently they’ve adjusted to Covid precautions is an understatement. They’ve even taken social distancing protocols during line up time. Of course, taking temps and hand washing are a top priority too so each child washes their hands & has their temp taken at drop off. Especially with the age group for these children, AFT really adapted well to CDC guidelines. I have no doubt in my mind that my boys are safe. It certainly takes a village and we’re so grateful that you’re a huge part of ours. It’s definitely not easy to leave your baby to go back to work but knowing that he’s being cared for and loved by A Family Tree staff makes it so much easier. For my older son in the toddler room, Miss. Leah & Miss. Haley have both gone above and beyond- Like organizing a Hawaiian themed party, from decor to food and activities. And taking the time to get the kids character hand sanitizer on their lunch break, that’s very admirable! They also have an app LifeCubby to keep you updated throughout the day with photos and daily logs of feeds and diaper changes. And how cute is it that my younger sons class gave a birthday shoutout to my older son on his birthday?! My whole heart melted when I got the notifications on LifeCubby. We’ve been trusting AFM with our oldest for two years and I have nothing but great things to say about them. It takes big hearts to teach little minds and A Family Tree staff really go above and beyond to make it an enjoyable, memorable childhood. Highly recommend!!

Adriana Briceno

My daughter has been going to Family Tree for 4 years (from newborn to current age 4). She learns something new everyday, loves her teachers, classmates and enjoys the many activities Family Tree has such as magic shows, tumblebus, and family gatherings. Very family oriented daycare, feels like home!

Kareesh Bour

This year is the first for our family and I am so impressed! So many hands on activities the children love! Singing, Lego, dancing, cooking! My son is so excited every time I pick him up, telling me all about the fun things he did after school. The staff are all friendly and take the time to say hi or give a treat to his little sister! The summer program is amazing too, we will be here for many years!

Carl Schulz

Family Tree has a great program. Our daughter loves attending daycare here. The teachers are amazing, Ms. Robin and Ms. Nina do a great job with the infants.

crystal pestana

A family tree is an amazing daycare for children especially if you are looking for a family oriented environment . My children have attended family tree since they were 6 and 7 and joe are teenagers and they loved it. They have so many memories of friend trips and projects they have done. Every week was a new theme and new adventures to look forward to. I now have a third child who has attended family tree since she was 6 weeks old and is now 4yrs old. She loves it so much that even on the weekend she is getting up and getting herself dresses to go to school and when told there was no school she is disappointed. To me that just means she loves her teachers and is comfortable with them and that means the world to me knowing my child is safe and having fun.

Marci Banach

I love the summer camp for Family Tree. My 3 boys love the fun and exciting field trips. My older boys are into sports and the teachers always found ways to interest all the children and found ways to incorporate what my boys enjoyed. The events always correlated with the themes of the week. All the staff is nurturing, fun, and makes sure all the children make the best memories to remember forever. Come in for a tour you won't be disappointed!!

Danielle Charette

I love sending my Child to Family Tree it is such a fun and exciting place. My son absolutely loves going here and soon my middle son will be attending as well.

Myrissa Cate

Absolutely love this place! My daughter used to go there and I'm hoping to get her back there come summer/fall. Everyone there is so considerate and compassionate. I always felt my child was safe and I could rest easy knowing my child was in good hands while I was working. I've never felt that in a daycare until family tree and I'm glad I sent my daughter here. Highly recommended! They even do before school after school pickup and drop off! Which is a big help for working moms! 🙂

Amanda Leonard

My son Nicholas has been going here since he was 3 months old and he is now 14 months old and loves going to daycare everyday. The staff is very friendly and caring so I know my son is in good hands when I'm not with him. I would definitely recommend this daycare to any family. Nicholas has learned so much. When I first walked into this daycare during our tour I felt at home. The atmosphere was so inviting and the staff so pleasant. I also love seeing all the activities they do with the children and being able to check on Nicholas throughout the day using the LifeCubby app. Family Tree is a great school/daycare.

renee l

This is the best daycare you could bring ur children to.The staff are all very helpful and friendly the owner is very involved with all her students my child has learned so much there i would recommend this daycare to everyone, If you want your child to feel comfortable, loved and have a great start on education this is the place to go.

Koneko Rei

Everyone there is so friendly and informative they even have an app so you can track everything and message the teachers on it

Krystal Brooks

Family tree is a BEST Childcare and Summer camp! the owners Ms Erica and Ms Christian go out of there way for the family's and truly are dedicated to there families. The staff are wonderful. The student's are also wonderful and enjoy every moment there spend at family tree. My Son has been there for over 7 years he just turned 13. My daughter was one of family trees first babies @ 18mnths! She will be 6 November 30th. I always suggest family tree to everyone and everyone that I have suggested loves the center! Family Tree is truly one BIG FAMILY! My kids never want leave & always have a Smile.

Krystal Brooks

Family tree is a BEST Childcare and Summer camp! the owners Ms Erica and Ms Christian go out of there way for the family's and truly are dedicated to there families. The staff are wonderful. The student's are also wonderful and enjoy every moment there spend at family tree. My Son has been there for over 7 years he just turned 13. My daughter was one of family trees first babies @ 18mnths! She will be 6 November 30th. I always suggest family tree to everyone and everyone that I have suggested loves the center! Family Tree is truly one BIG FAMILY! My kids never want leave & always have a Smile.

Brandi Alvarez

As a parent, I entrust my greatest blessings to the staff at A Family Tree every day, and I am grateful for the loving care and guidance they receive. I have 5 children that attend two different locations and the care is the same wherever they are. The teachers look at each child as an individual, with their own strengths and needs. My children have been blessed with awesome teachers who understand their strengths and challenges, and handle them with grace. If a challenge arises, the staff reach out and work with me to come up with a solution. The teachers also reach out to the parents to see what goals they have for their children. As a Bright Stars rated program, I am assured that the learning goals are on point with what skills they will need to be successful in the later years of school. My children have learned so much and continue to share with me the great activities that go on each day at "school!" My two children that attend one of the School Age locations, not only have fun after school and during vacations, but they are learning new skills and they don't even know it! The curriculum is written in a way as not to bog them down with more work, but to engage them and listen to what they want. I love that about A Family Tree! A Family Tree hosts a variety of events to encourage family engagement throughout the year and my children think its great to see their teachers and friends outside of the normal school day. Thank you to A Family Tree for an incredible early childhood curriculum that engages and teaches at all steps of the day, and a special thanks to Erica, Christine and their staff; they continue to do amazing work with all of their children. My children are 21 months, 2 years, 3 years, 8 years and 9 years old.

Karen Devine

I have a 2 year old son who has been there since he was 6 months old. The staff is like family and the facility is warm and inviting. It feels like a second home. He thrives there. I can honestly say I would probably never be able to do all the fun things with him if I were at home with him...he does art projects, gets to play with his peers, he can sing and dance, and have fun outside each day. Some of the things he says and does I just know that he picked it up at daycare - he is learning and growing each day. And the best part is knowing that he gets hugs and snuggles (when needed) too. He always loves to go and sometimes doesn't even want to come home. That is the true measure of a great daycare.

Brittany Alton

Family Tree is an amazing daycare program for students of all ages (6 weeks and up). The environment is amazing and i wouldn’t want to send my son anywhere else! The teachers and staff are nurturing, engaging, and interactive. They really care!!

Angela MacCarthy

For me Family Tree is not only my place of business it truly is my extended family. My daughter has grown up in this program. It truly takes a village to raise a child. I couldn't do this alone and I'm so grateful for my family Tree family.

maribel lugo

First off I wanna say that if they were more places like The Family Tree this world would be a better place to live in When I called because I needed a place for my son to go to do distant learning I was at the lowest point of my life. The admission staff not only open their doors but also open their arms to me. When ever I had any kind of issue, they went out of their way to help solve it and do whatever it took to accommodate me. THANK YOU!

Allison Bailey

Best daycare around! My son is 4 and has been going since he was a newborn. They truly care about the children and families and make learning fun for the kids every day! Love them!

Marilyn leighton

There isn’t anywhere in the state that is better or can compare ! The owner is amazing, all the staff are wonderful! My older son attended summer program 1 year and my daughter went here for a year and a half From age 6 mos - 2 years and I can’t say enough positive things. They take such good care of the kids in a loving environment. You’ve struck gold if your baby / toddler / child goes here!

Michelle Wheelock

I am so thankful for the staff and program at Family Tree. The owners are on site most days, on site nurse, amazing, dedicated teachers, clean environment, daily fun projects for the kiddos and learning opportunities for parents and caregivers. Thank you so much to the entire Family Tree Staff! ❤️

Kareesh Bour

Both children have been attending now for several years. This daycare is really like family! They are warm, welcoming, and attentive. Both children have learned so much socially and academically. They also make the time for my children to play and make friends. We wouldn't go anywhere else!

Deborah King

Whenever I go to pick up my great granddaughter everyone is so pleasant. We get a full rundown of her day and know exactly what we are dealing with when we take her home. This was a great choice for us.

Liliana Joy

My daughter Liliana is 10 years old and has been going to Family Tree for most of her life. We love the staff their kindness. They have so much to offer from learning how to read, making fun crafts to cooking awesome treats. Such a fantastic place to send your child to when you have to go to work. I highly recommend 💯!

Christina Carnevale

I just moved my son to this center a month or so ago and it's by far my favorite. He does so many interactive hands on activities which I love, his teachers are awesome(miss hannah and miss yvonne). The director Angela is awesome as well, she is very good with communicating with you whenever need be, love this place!!!

Gabriel Zabatta

Summer Camp at family tree is the best in the state. So much activities and field trips the kids get to be engaged and have a terrific summer! Not to mention the staff is top notch.

ashley boudreau

i cant say enough about this program. My daughter loved this place from day one. unfortunately due to a move we had to leave, but FAMILY is definatly the word to use here. they go ABOVE and beyond to help you and your child. you can really tell the staff here love the kids. you can tell they love their jobs. my daughter loved every single day here and I was always so happy to leave her here. never was there and issue here at family tree. I cant thank them enough. Erica is the kindest heart. all the teachers are so loving and I am just so thankful I had found them when I did. thank you so much family tree for everything you have done for me and my daughter! we are hopeful to return <3

Nicole Arena

The staff have been wonderful to my foster daughter, they are very understanding of the struggles that we encounter and also very familiar with how the "system" works. I am pleased with everyone we have met. I also cannot wait for the new building to open! Keep up the good work ladies!

T Rivera

Not only was I a student here for numerous years, I also had the opportunity to work here. This program is amazing and the staff are so hardworking and passionate about what they do. The directors know how to create a fun yet stable learning environment. I would recommend this childcare program to anyone in Rhode Island that wants their children to be creative, grow and have fun!

Danielle Hlavacek

Both of my kids are at the Edythe street location. They both love going every day. The staff is great, the kids love them. I enjoy chatting with Miss Paula, Miss Mary, Miss Jill and all the staff there. I can trust the kids are safe and cared for like they are with relatives. Thank you all for all that you do. Danielle H.

Alyssa Pislowski

I absolutely love this school . Everyone is so pleasant and the teachers are very hands on. My son was a little monster before entering this school . He now does things I've never seen him do and I'm so happy I have the help as a mom from the family tree . I can't thank you guys enough for everything you do for both of my children and being apart of them growing

Tiffany Welch

I love this daycare for my kids! The staff is always warm and the kids are always having a blast. The owners are fantastic and are quick to respond to any concerns and really listen to the kids and parents. There is always something going on, and the kids are constantly learning new things. I love that the kids are challenged and still supported and truly cared about by their teachers. I highly recommend Family Tree to anyone looking for child care!

Felicia Fisher

My kids have attended family tree for 2 years, both school age and toddler. We all love the staff here, they are extremely friendly and attentive to the children. I would recommend this daycare to anyone and everyone! You can't get a better learning anywhere else.

Amy Lunsford

So far my experience with this location has been great! My son has a speech delay and has made great progress since joining just a short time ago. All of the staff is very friendly and personable. Being able to see updates on life cubby has been great. Lots of involvement with kids and family I would definatly recommend this location

Cindy Rodriguez

My son started this location in September and so far it's been great. I love how the teachers update life cubby throughout the day to give me peace of mind in knowing what is going on with my child. Since starting he has been learning more and can count from 1-10 at just 22 months old.

Roxanne Stuckey

Family tree is the best daycare my children every experienced going to..they're very family oriented, their staff is exellent...they offer alot of programs for your children..different club's your children can join and meet up on certain night' son had joined the lego club that miss ericka hosted on wednesday night's and he loved it..miss ericka and miss chris are super sweet if you have a quetion or a problem they get right to it and it's resolved...their summer programs are the best kid's going swimming twice, they have field trips all summer and if your children love nature, they take them on nature walk's and miss carol teaches them how to garden...i'll recommend anybody that's looking for a good daycare to visit family tree daycare

Jen Young

My daughter loves her teachers at Family Tree on Warwick Ave! I love how active the children are there- they get plenty of time to play outside. My daughter is making wonderful friends there. She's always ready to tell me about her day!

Keri-Ann Baldassare

"Family Tree is a amazing daycare. We have 2 children one who is 16 now and one is now 3. Our oldest, which obviously does not go now started with the Edyth St facility. He loved it there. There was always a fun filled agenda that he looked forward too. From after school homework help, games,clubs, swimming, dancing, shows, field trips and more, I was always amazed of the stuff they thought of for kids to do. After hour family evolvement, was great too like Bingo, Thanksgiving dinners, and Christmas parties.
My now 3 year old daughter attends family tree. She asks every night if she is going to school. People are amazed on how far ahead she is of her age. They have wonderful transition programs, a full staff, the kids have a organized schedules and different curriculums every week. She is heading out for her first field trip at her age of 3 next week and can't wait! We ended the last day of summer with a after hours hot dog cookout food, face painting, games and prizes for all kids. Also their prices for this are unbeatable, it shows they are there to truly help the working parents. I highly recommend anyone looking for great child care to check out Family Tree. You won't be disappointed!"

Alexandra Lio

My son has been going here since he was 10 weeks old. We are so thankful to have found Family Tree. The staff is fantastic. Within the first few days everyone knew who he was, and made us feel so at home. He loves going to school, and is full of smiles every time we walk in the door. The infant room is great, there is so much activity and fun. The babies are stimulated and played with, which makes leaving him each day so much easier.