Exciting Adventures For Your
Growing Toddler

Watch Their Confidence & Independence Soar

Exciting Adventures For Your
Growing Toddler

Watch Their Confidence & Independence Soar

Toddler | 18 months - 3.2 years | Serving Warwick, RI

Dedicated, Experienced Educators Guide Your Toddler’s Development

Committed early childhood professionals fill your little one’s days with exciting learning activities and social-emotional support. Your child blossoms in a caring home-away-from-home with teachers and registered nurses who prioritize their education and well-being.
Dedicated, Experienced Educators Guide Your Toddler’s Development

A Whole-Child Approach Means Whole-Child Learning

Your child’s teachers know it’s essential to balance the earliest of academics with gentle, loving care. A whole-child approach to caring for your toddler means cognitive skills and social-emotional development get equal time in the classroom, ensuring a well-rounded education.

Child-Led, Play-Based Fun For Active Discovery

Your toddler’s interests and natural curiosity lead the way for their learning. Their teachers create activities and lessons tailored to your little one’s personality and let them learn through active discovery and exploration of their environment.
Room To Move & Improve Developing Motor Skills

Room To Move & Improve Developing Motor Skills

Your child’s classroom is spacious, and their class roster is small, so they have room to move and groove as they develop their gross motor skills. They walk, run, and dance their way to better coordination, balance, and stamina.

Communication Skills Take Off With Language Learning

Your child’s vocabulary grows by leaps and bounds, so language and communication become a keystone. Your toddler’s teachers engage them in conversation, stories, songs, and games that teach and reinforce words, language concepts, and self-expression.

Outdoor Play Keeps Them Active & Supports Growth

Your little one enjoys daily outdoor time on a safe, age-appropriate playground. They take in the fresh air while running, playing, and exploring the great outdoors, building critical muscle groups, and practicing their gross motor skills.

Stay Connected With An App & Family Activities

You receive fun photos and activity reports right to your phone every day with the Procare™ app. Family events offer you time in your child’s classroom to connect with other parents and form community bonds for support and friendship.

Cleaning Procedures Keep Spaces Sparkling & Germ-Free

Daily cleaning and sanitization procedures ensure that your child’s classroom and play spaces stay spotless and free of harmful germs. A weekly deep-clean further protects everyone’s health, while air purifiers bring a breath of fresh air into the classrooms.

Safety Is Of The Utmost Importance

You never have to worry about security when your child stays protected by tall fences, CCTV cameras, and restricted access entrances. At the same time, CPR-certified staff members keep watch over them from arrival to departure each day.
Safety Is Of The Utmost Importance

Your Toddler Is Welcome At Family Tree I & III

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7:00am – 5:30pm

Younger infants (6 weeks – 12 months) | Older infants (12 – 18 months)

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Younger toddlers (18 months – 2.5 years) | Older toddlers (2.5 years – 3.2 years)

at Family Tree I and Family Tree III

Preschool (3 – 4 years)

at Family Tree I and Family Tree III

Pre-K (4 – 5 years)

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Holiday Camps, Before & After School Care (5 – 12 years)

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As a 4-star BrightStars program, we are required to have lead teachers with 12 or more college credits in Early Education. Our Education Coordinators have Master’s degrees and are licensed by the RI Department of Education. Our teachers take 30 hours of training each year, and 100% of our staff undertake CPR and First Aid training within their first 90 days of employment. All teachers are required to take RIELDS, ITERS, or ECERS training.

Rhode Island Early Learning & Development Standards cover 9 domains for childhood education:

  1. Physical and Motor Health Development
  2. Social and Emotional Development
  3. Language Development
  4. Literacy
  5. Cognitive Development
  6. Mathematics
  7. Science
  8. Social Studies
  9. Creative Arts

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